Deposit Services


Free Online Banking with Unlimited Bill Pay
So many important things in your family’s life involve the care and protection of your money. CalWest Bancorp offers safety, convenience, technology, access and service coupled with our brand of family banking. As a start, the convenience of a network of over 55,000 fee free ATMs for cash withdrawals throughout the United States and abroad.

Personal Checking Account
Checking made simple, unlimited check—writing privileges and an ATM/Debit Card for one low monthly fee. Open an account today with only $100 and no service charge if an average balance of $1,500 is maintained. Easy checking combined with a level of customer service that is simply unmatched.

NOW Checking Account
Earn interest while enjoying the benefits of unlimited check writing. The convenience of regular checking and an added bonus.


Personal Savings
Safe and secure, a personal or family savings account. Building for the future—today. Open an account today with only $100 and no service charge if an average daily balance of $100 is maintained. Excess transaction fees apply for withdrawals in excess of six per month.

Student Savings Account
Learn the lesson of savings while you’re a student, any age, elementary school, middle school, high school, college or graduate school. Let us aid your education with a low cost and convenient Student Savings Account.

Certificates of Deposit

Competitive rates and terms to meet your needs.

Retirement Accounts

If your retirement account is in the market and you’re losing principal balance at an alarming rate, don’t wait any longer to protect your investment. We can be an important partner in helping you plan your strategy to secure your financial future. Transfer your qualified retirement account out of the market and begin today to secure your principal. In addition, earn a competitive rate of interest on our 12-month retirement account.

You may also open a new retirement account where you may make monthly deposits into a safe and insured account. Did you know that retirement accounts are FDIC insured separately from your other accounts? Contact us today.