Coming Through for our Customers

“Andy Lamb at CalWest came through for us!!!! Andy texted me earlier today that he was able to get the loan through his bank’s pre-screening and submitted to the SBA. Then, this afternoon, Andy texted that the SBA APPROVED the loan! I can’t tell you what a weight this lifts off of me!  This could be the difference between us making it through this mess or crashing and burning. I know you all will join me in thanking Andy for his making time to help us out in spite of him being insanely busy and stressed handling 100+ applications from all his other clients!  Andy helped us when our big bank hasn’t even allowed us to apply yet! So, on behalf of 37 people in our company and all their families, “THANK YOU, ANDY! You’re the best!!”

As a committed part of the community, our dedication to our clients is what has always set us apart from the “too big to care” banks. In this unprecedented time of need, CalWest Bank stands firmly committed to supporting our customers in every way.