Cash Management Services

Business Online

One of the greatest challenges of a business is efficiently managing working capital. If collecting outstanding receivables, managing your inventory, and knowing your cash position at any time are important to you, then Business Online can help. Today’s style of business is no longer nine—to—five. We offer cash management solutions for today’s fast paced business environment. Whether in the office, at home or on the road, our Business Online cash management lets you manage all your business accounts, make critical financial transactions and access a wealth of financial data — all at your fingertips.

Whether your business is large or small, Business Online gives you access to the financial tools and information needed to compete effectively in today’s marketplace.

Features include:

  • View balance and transaction information
  • Export data
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage wire transactions
  • Manage Stop Payments
  • Initiate ACH transactions
  • Manage payroll deposits
  • Make Tax Payments
  • Electronic Bill Payment
Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Wherever your business footprint, close to home or across the country, we’re right next door. You can now make deposits from any of your offices and never leave the building. With RDC you simply scan your checks with our desktop scanner, and transmit the information directly to the bank. Many times a day, at your convenience. Eliminate the need to photocopy checks for future reference, we provide an image file for you. Minimize preparation time and maximize the efficiency of your staff. No longer does your employee have to leave your office to go to the bank, eliminate courier expense and speed up the collection of your funds for optimum availability. Safe, secure, convenient and innovative technology … from our cash management suite of services. Call our cash management team today to demonstrate how your company can step into this exciting new world of business services.

Electronic Payments

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) origination provides you the ability to make and collect payments electronically without writing a check. Streamline payments, improve collectability and reduce transaction costs and check fraud with electronic payments and collections. Call us today to discuss your electronic payment needs.

Positive Pay

Fight fraud and avoid potential loss with early detection of a breach to your funds. Review checks presented for payment before making final decisions with Positive Pay. Easy and quick to adopt, just provide us with a daily file of the checks issued and we’ll match them up. You’ll receive a daily email of outstanding exceptions and a user—friendly login where you can view and authorize checks for payment or return. Take a proactive control of your funds and we’re here to help you with an interactive risk mitigation tool. Call our cash management team today to learn more.

Mobile Banking

A compliment to the exciting online and cash management suites of products, Mobile Banking let’s you access your account balances, see checks that have paid, transfer funds between accounts, and even approve ACH origination and Wire Transfers; from wherever you are. Through a secured network and password access, you can manage your banking on the go. In the airport, in the car, in the lobby of a client’s office … Mobile Banking is the absolute convenience and necessity of the entrepreneur or international executive. Call our cash management team today to learn more.

Cash Vault

Manage the cash needs of your business using our Cash Vault Services that bring the bank to you. Order and deposit cash without making a trip to the bank. We deliver!

Armored Transport

Have your cash deposits delivered safely to the Bank using Armored Transport Services. Save valuable time and get same day credit for deposits. Service can be arranged to match your needs and schedule.