Business Solutions

Like you, we know that the customer is at the core of every successful business. That’s why every CalWest Bancorp bank is built upon a foundation of personalized relationship management. Our team members offer our customers not only professional integrity, but also the power of creative solutions to meet a wide variety of unique business needs. Experience the difference that comes with a true banking relationship.

Whether you are an emerging business reaching for your dream or an established company seeking to manage your growth, we understand your financial needs. CalWest Bancorp is designed specifically to be your partner in success. We are a bank built with an entrepreneurial spirit that understands what it takes to succeed. We offer a full suite of products coupled with the personalized relationship that is critical to success in today’s demanding business environment. Our customers think of us as more than a bank. We are their partner. MORE

Business today moves at the pace of a competitive and demanding marketplace. That means speed to market, high—touch access to information, and optimum use of funds are all critical. Technologically advanced, electronically delivered products, combined with hands—on professional relationship management services make a real difference for our customers. Call us today, we look forward to a unique partnership in your business success. MORE

Small business or mature corporation, getting the right financing at the right time can make a critical difference. When backed with the financial strength to seize opportunities you can change the trajectory of your business success. Whether its strategic growth or the opportunity of a lifetime, we can provide you with the structure and financing to make it happen. We are a team of seasoned lending professionals that know and understand your business. Contact us today to see where we can help take your business. MORE